TrueForm Trainer Treadmill

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TrueForm Trainer Treadmills

The Trueform Trainer is a motor-free treadmill that offers users a natural and therapeutic workout that other treadmills can't match. Its unique, curved design encourages good posture, helps improve gait mechanics, and can improve run form by reducing impact stress and asymmetry. Additionally, research has shown that users burn more calories faster on a curved treadmill than on a flat treadmill. Non-motorized, the Trainer is eco-friendly, quiet, and can be used anywhere. No outlets required! Because you set the pace, the unit quickly responds to changes in position as well as speed. Accelerate as quickly as you'd like and slow down just as fast. Instantly go from a walk to a jog to a sprint. What other treadmill does that? Solidly constructed with a formed and welded 7-gauge steel frame and heavy-duty axle assemblies. The belts are polyurethane reinforced and feature super-smooth Responsive Belt Technology (RBT). The Trainer features a generous 17" wide running surface, making this ideal for both multi-user environments as well as home gyms. Very easy to assemble. The Trainer is delivered 90% assembled right out of the box and all the instructions and tools needed to complete assembly are included. Only 31" wide, wheels in front, and not needing an outlet means relocating the Trainer to the perfect running spot is quick and easy. Running is made smooth as the treadmill glides on 112 sealed ball bearings. Features a battery-powered LCD display that tracks distance, speed, time, and heart rate. The better your running form, the faster the treadmill can go. It's the ONLY treadmill that intuitively allows users to FEEL optimal running efficiency.

Dimensions: 64" x 63" x 31"

Weight: 290 lbs

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.

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