RopeFlex RX8200 ROPERIG Rope Pulling Machine

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RX8200 ROPERIG Rope Pulling Machine by RopeFlex 

Our commercial ROPE RIGS are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Our rope trainers are based on simple, time-proven principles of rope climbing while reducing the risk of this traditionally dangerous activity to nearly zero.

Individuals of any age and athletic ability can benefit from our unique rope technology safely and comfortably.


Features of the RX8200 ROPERIG:

  • ULTIMATE TRAINING STATIONFlexible configuration options and all the benefits of a stand-alone rope trainer. This station can take any circuit training routing and make it exciting. From stretching to rope training and weight lifting this setup will exceed expectations.
  • HIPERVISION STANDARDInteractive training system for club members, group training, and individuals. The system is preconfigured and securely housed inside the frame without requiring external power.



  • Standard 2x RX2100 adjustable pulley rope system
  • Fits up to 8x RX2100 rope trainers
  • Preconfigured with hipervision system
  • 2 Stainless steel pull up bars: front and back
  • Stainless steel 5 position bar hook system 


Material 4 x 4 inch (102 x 102 mm) steel tubing
Depth 41" | 104 cm (rig only)
Width 50" | 127 cm (rig only)
Height 105" | 227 cm (rig only)

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