RopeFlex RX8100 ROPERIG Rope Pulling Machine

Frame Color: Black Texture
Rope Color: Black Rope
RX2100 Trainers: 12
Sale price$25,500.00
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RX8100 ROPERIG Rope Pulling Machine by RopeFlex

Our commercial ROPE RIGS are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Using large-sized structural tubing, we laser cut every feature to precise engineering specifications. Building products in-house gives us the flexibility to configure every RIG to customers' exact requirements.

Individuals of any age and athletic ability can benefit from our unique rope technology safely and comfortably.


Features of the RX8100 ROPERIG:

  • OUTDOOR IP64 RATING - Ideal for outdoor applications where the weather is a concern. RIG frame is galvanized prior to UV-safe powder coating and outdoor rated rope machines are used.
  • DIGITAL TRACKING - Optional digital counters track activities on rope trainers: distance, speed, time, and calories. Displays are battery-operated and are tightly sealed in a polycarbonate enclosure.



  • Heavy-duty rig dedicated to rope training: 10x10x8 feet
  • Accommodates up to 16 RX2100 Trainers (12 shown)
  • Continuously adjusting Progressive Resistance
  • Digital counters and optional outdoor covers for the RX2100s
  • Optional outdoor rig configuration - OX2O (without digital counters)


Depth 10 feet (120")  | 3 m (300 cm) rig only
Width 10 feet (120")  | 3 m (300 cm) rig only
Height 8 feet (96") | 2.4 m (240 cm) rig only

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