RopeFlex RX2100 Stationary Pulley + Bracket Accessory

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RopeFlex RX2100 Stationary Pulley + Bracket Accessory

RX2100 Stationary Pulley + Bracket is an accessory for Ropeflex RX2100 rope pulling machine. RX2100 offers unparalleled versatility and convenience for applications as diverse as our many satisfied customers! The rack-mountable design of the RX2100 can turn any tired old power-rack into a cutting edge, brand new piece of equipment.


Features of the RX2100 Stationary Pulley + Bracket Accessory:

  • Adjustable pulley system for the RX2100 that can attach a wall or post
  • Adds multitude of exercise with horizontal and bottom-up pulls
  • 7 inch (17 cm) Double ball bearing design for smooth motion

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