Motive Fitness TS150 Commercial TotalStretch

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Motive Fitness TS150 Commercial TotalStretch

Designed for the commercial market, the TotalStretch™ TS150 has all of the features of the TS200, in a slightly lighter-weight frame. It revolutionizes stretching by allowing users to safely and effectively perform a comprehensive set of stretches all in one place: seated or standing, from the front or the back.

TotalStretch™ safely and effectively puts the body in a proper position to hit all major muscle groups. It incorporates numerous, innovative ergonomic features which makes it a solution to your stretching needs.


Features of the TS150 Commercial TotalStretch:

  • ErgoStretch™ HANDLEBAR SYSTEM - Provides multiple grips to target different muscles for users of all sizes. Places the foot in a bio-mechanically correct angle to ensure an effective hamstring stretch. Ensures correct foot position and stability for numerous standing stretches.
  • ErgoStretch™ PLATFORM - Places user in correct position for more effective lower leg stretches. Allows users of all sizes to perform standing stretches from a stabilized position.
  • ErgoStretch™ ROLLERS - Provides comfortable and effective leg stabilization for both seated and standing stretches.
  • SEAT/LEG PAD - Provides comfort and stability for correct positioning in seated stretches.
  • PLACARD - Instructs the user through a comprehensive 8-stretch total body circuit.




55” (139cm)


33” (85cm)


43” (110cm)


64 lbs (29kg)


Silver & Black




5 years frame; 1 year parts; 90 days on wear items

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