Motive Fitness HUB 250 The HUB Total Storage System

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Motive Fitness HUB 250™ The HUB Total Storage System

The HUB200™ Series TotalStorage System is a space-efficient, customizable, and comprehensive storage system consisting of two base storage units - HUB200 and HUB250 - which can be configured as stand-alone units or into a multi-unit side-by-side wall system, requiring no anchoring to the floor or wall.

Build it to your storage needs by adding a combination of our universal accessory attachments. Eliminate clutter and free up more floor space to improve the exercise experience. Save space. Save money. Get more!


Features of the HUB 250™:

The  HUB 250™ provides a huge amount of storage in a small footprint only 25” wide.  Designed as a replacement for numerous single product racks, it can be configured to store a wide variety of accessories.

Position the 3 large shelves to fit the accessories in your room. With four frame uprights, you get lots of space to add accessory attachments. Add training attachments such as a landmine and/or battle rope to create a functional training area. 

Perfect for personal training and small group training. Everyone can have their own personal training station with accessories.




64” (163cm)


25” (64cm)


29” (74cm)



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