LifePro Turbo 3D Vibration Plate

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Turbo 3D Vibration Plate by LifePro Fitness

  • IMMEDIATE, BLISSFUL PAIN RELIEF - Whether you’re fighting lower back pain, aching knees, or arthritic joints, stepping on The Turbo vibration plate gives immediate and noticeable relief. Much like rubbing a bumped shin or shaking an injured finger, it stimulates your motion nerves, blocks out pain, relieves built-up tension, and soothes your joints as your brain focuses on motion, not pain. 
  • ALLEVIATE CHRONIC PAIN:- If you live with chronic pain, you’ve likely learned to bury it beneath a regular regimen of painkillers. But what if you could fix the underlying issue? The Turbo delivers two impactful effective forms of vibration. The first is Whole Body Vibration (WBV): a technique that has been clinically proven to relieve chronic pain, heal old damage, and accelerate recovery from acute injuries. The second is Multidirectional Vibration (MDV). These vibrations have been found to stimulate muscles by forcing them to contract and relax as much as 50 times a second. They also have been found to provide a boost to your nervous system. This means a more engaging workout and quicker recovery.
  • REGAIN STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY & RANGE OF MOTION: Regain muscle tone, strengthen bone density, boost your metabolism, and more with the Lifepro Turbo 3D Vibration PlatformGentle, therapeutic vibrations wake up muscles throughout your body, improving circulation and triggering myofascial release. This, in turn, eliminates pain and restores motionIt also enhances your body’s built-in ability to regenerate cells and repair itself - increasing motion, flexibility, and comfort from the very first session.
  • DOUBLE THE MOTORS, TRIPLE THE MOTION: An upgraded version of our standard Wave model, we built the Turbo with 2 robust motors for a 3D range of motion, providing even greater pain relief. Depending on the pain you’re experiencing, or your recovery goals, you can choose to use either one or both in tandem.
  • 3 WAYS TO TRAIN: 3D training is a combination of oscillating (up and down) and pulsating movements. Oscillation is an ideal way to tone your legs, glutes, and even your arms! Pulsating movements help calm your nervous system - reducing stress and aiding recovery. Use both in tandem for the full 3D training experience and even greater results.
  • A TRULY COMPLETE WORKOUT: Whether you’re working out your arms and upper body with the included resistance bands or doing bodyweight exercises like squatting for the legs and glutes or planking for your abs, the power of the Turbo 3D will leave you feeling a burn, yet rejuvenated and pain-free.
  • EXTENSIVE WORKOUT COMBINATIONS: Besides providing extensive pain relief, the Turbo 3D’s dual motors mean an extensive combination of exercises, making workouts even more exciting, challenging, and beneficial! 
  • ABDOMINAL EXPLOSION: Thanks to the multidirectional vibrations of the Turbo 3D Vibration Plate, it’s never been easier to get those tight, well-developed abs that so many strive for. From the moment you begin your ab workout, not only do the vibrations target all the little muscles that work in conjunction with your abs, but they also make the muscles contract up to 50 times per second. This ultimately leads to a more engaging workout, quicker recovery, and an easier journey to solid abs.  
  • YOUR ARMS WILL LOVE YOU: Whether you’re doing bicep curls, target your shoulders with overhead presses, or do tricep dips, the Turbo makes a noticeable difference in your results. When the multidirectional vibrations hit your body while you’re performing your exercises, the constant contraction and relaxation of these muscles lead to more engagement and less stress, leading to quicker recovery, a more effective workout, and greater strength in your arms.
  • DON’T FORGET LEG DAY: As soon as you start squatting, lunging, or doing any other exercise which targets your legs, glutes, or lower body, the vibrations of the Turbo kick in and put extra emphasis on every small muscle that works in conjunction with the primary group you’re targeting. They also make recovery quicker and easier than ever - which only helps you on your journey to a stronger, more developed lower body.


  • Product Dimensions: 30.5 x 15.3 x 5.8 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 330lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 41 pounds
  • Power: 110v
  • Frequency: 4-15Hz
  • Amp: 0-10 mm
  • 99 adjustable speeds
  • Dual motor - 3 vibration modes

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