LifePro Rumblex Plus 4D Vibration Plate

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Rumblex Plus 4D Vibration Plate by LifePro Fitness

  • ACCELERATES RELIEF, REHABILITATION, & REPAIR: The Rumblex Plus delivers efficient, gentle Whole Body and Multidirectional vibrations, waking muscles throughout the body and triggering myofascial release. This, in turn, enhances your body’s built-in ability to regenerate cells and repair itself. Relief is felt from the first session, and consistent, repeated use builds up muscle tone, increases bone density, relieves chronic pain, repairs old injuries, and provides a greater range of motion as you improve. Whether you’re working on sculpting your arms, tightening your abs, strengthening your back, or toning your legs, relief is felt from the get-go. 
  • SPECIAL ENGINEERED FOR JOINT COMFORT: The Rumblex Plus was designed for maximum comfort. With its revolutionary surface, the Rumblex Plus reduces stress on joints while you use it. Regardless of the muscles you work - legs, back, glutes, biceps, shoulders - the Rumblex Plus brings a level of comfort to your workout that also leads to maximum results and effective healing, thanks to its dynamic vibrations.
  • BLISSFULLY SILENT: Because most prefer a quieter home workout, we’ve eliminated all alarms and beeps from this model. This means the only sounds you’ll hear are the ones you make as you sweat - that is unless you choose to stream music through the built-in Bluetooth speakers. 
  • 3 TOP-OF-THE LINE MOTORS, 7 TRAINING MODES: As with the Standard Rumblex, the Rumblex Plus has 3 robust motors that deliver 4 dimensions of therapeutic vibrations for the ultimate workout and rehabilitation experience.No matter your goal - whether it be to burn fat, develop your legs, tighten your abs, strengthen your core, sculpt your arms and upper body, or even tighten your glutes - there is a setting built just for you!Depending on your injury and recovery goals and what you find most comfortable, you can choose between 3 distinct motions or combine them in a total of 7 training modes that activate more muscle fibers than any other product on the market.
  • A COMPLETE 4D WORKOUT: As with the base Rumblex Model, the Rumblex Plus is a great platform for a complete 4D workout. What is 4D, you ask? Other vibrating platforms feature either oscillatory (up and down) movements, lateral movements (side-to-side), or a combination of both. 4D is a combination of all of these movements, plus pulsating movements to ease your nervous system and recovery. With speed settings from 1 to 60, get ready to experience an intense workout that targets all your muscle groups. Whether you’re targeting your upper body, legs, abs, or back - there are countless exercises you can perform on the Rumblex Plus with ease.
  • INTENSE ARM WORKOUT: There’s no arm workout quite like a 4D arm workout.  Whether you’re working your shoulders, triceps, or biceps, the vibrations of the Rumblex Plus engage all your arm muscles, provide soothing relief, and make it easier to tone your arms, as well as build strength.
  • LOWER BODY EXCELLENCE: The Rumblex is an excellent platform for working your lower body. Whenever you’re working your legs, glutes, or quads, the vibrations of the Rumblex Plus engage your muscles in ways most programs simply cannot achieve. The pulsating vibrations, in particular, make recovery a breeze. Most importantly, strong, well-toned legs, glutes, and quads become inevitable.
  • TIGHTEN ABS AND CORE: Many of us want tight abs and a rock-solid core. Not many of us go through the work to achieve it. The Rumblex Plus makes reaching this goal easier than ever. Every time you do any ab exercises on the Rumblex Plus, such as planking or crunching, the machine’s vibrations activate the muscle fibers in your core - providing a more effective workout, quicker recovery, and ultimately leading to the tighter abs we all desire.


  • Size: 29.5"lx18"w x 6"h
  • TripleMotor - 7 Vibration Modes
  • Max Weight: 330 lbs
  • Frequency: 4-40 Hz
  • Amp: 0-12 mm / 1.5mm / 8mm
  • 60 level
  • p1-p3 auto program
  • Voltage : 110v
  • Net Weight: 38.5lbs

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