LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate

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Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate by LifePro Fitness

  • THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE VIBRATING PLATFORM ON THE MARKET: Whether your goal is to lose fat, tone muscles (such as your legs or glutes), build upper body strength, sculpt your arms, recover from an injury or surgery, or relieve chronic pain, there is no better choice than the RumblexThis state-of-the-art whole body (and multidirectional!) vibrating platform calms the nervous system, greatly improves bone density, and strengthens your core for greater balance. Get all the benefits of a therapy session from the comfort of your home. You set your pace, from gentle to intense, and the Rumblex keeps up, session after session.
  • A COMPLETE 4D WORKOUT: Other vibrating platforms make use of either oscillatory (up-and-down)  movements, lateral (side-to-side) movements, or a combination of both. 4D is a combination of these movements, with pulsating movements thrown into the mix. With speed settings from 1 to 60, get ready to experience an intense workout that targets all your muscle groups. Whether your goal is to tighten your abs, strengthen your legs, tone and develop your arms, or even sculpt your buttocks - there are countless exercises you can perform on the Rumblex with ease. 
  • A COMPLETE WORKOUT LIBRARY: The Rumblex can help you achieve countless goals. Whether you want tighter abs, a stronger core, toned legs, and glutes, or simply want to burn unwanted fat - there are an endless amount of workouts you can do on the Rumblex to meet your goals. Simply log on to Lifepro for an extensive video catalog of exercises to help you meet any wellness goal.
  • PUMP UP YOUR ARMS: With the included resistance bands, step on the Rumblex and enjoy the benefits of a 4D arm workout. Whether you’re shoulder pressing, bicep curling, or even doing dips for your triceps, the vibrations of the Rumblex engage your muscles, provide further relief, and make it easier to tone your arms, as well as build that critical upper body strength.
  • LEG DAY 2.0: When you work your legs and glutes on the Rumblex, not only do you get a complete workout, but the vibrations engage your muscles in ways most programs simply cannot achieve. The pulsating vibrations, in particular, make recovery quicker and easier than ever. And as a result - stronger, well-toned legs, glutes, and quads are right around the corner.
  • ABS ON BLAST: No workout routine would be complete without some focus on the abs and core. Whenever you do any ab exercises on the Rumblex, such as planking or crunching, the machine’s vibrations activate the muscle fibers in your core - providing a more effective workout, quicker recovery, and ultimately leading to tighter abs sought after by so many. 
  • RECOVERY, FULLY LOADED: We want to make your recovery journey as simple and convenient as possible. As such, we have spared no expense when it comes to the Rumblex. Get ready to take your workout to the next level with resistance bands, an exercise mat, built-in Bluetooth speakers to get hyped up with your favorite music, an easy-to-use remote watch...and even built-in lights to really pump you up! Also included with all Lifepro products, the Guiding Angel program offers real, LIVE support, plus access to a comprehensive library of hands-on training videos to help you get the most of your Rumblex. 
  • RELIEF, REHABILITATION, & REPAIR:  The Rumblex delivers efficient and gentle Whole Body and Multidirectional vibrations, waking muscles throughout the body and increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to your muscles. This, in turn, enhances your body’s built-in ability to regenerate cells and repair itself. Whether you’re working on sculpting your arms, tightening your abs, strengthening your back, or toning your legs, relief is felt from the get-go. Consistent, repeated use builds up muscle tone, protects nerves and bones, relieves chronic pain, repairs old injuries, and provides a greater range of motion as your recovery progresses.
  • 3 TOP-OF-THE LINE MOTORS, 7 TRAINING MODES: We built the Rumblex with 3 robust motors that deliver 4 dimensions of therapeutic vibrations for the ultimate workout and rehabilitation experience.No matter your goal - whether it be to burn fat, develop your legs, tighten your abs, strengthen your core, sculpt your arms and upper body, or even tighten your glutes - there is a setting built just for you! Depending on your injury and recovery goals and what you find most comfortable, you can choose between 3 distinct motions or combine them in a total of 7 training modes that activate more muscle fibers than any other product on the market.


  • Product Dimensions: 31.1 x 18.1 x 7.3 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 330lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 48.4 pounds
  • Power: 110v
  • Frequency: 4-40hz
  • Amp: Oscillation - 1-12mm
  • Amp: Pulsation - 1.5mm
  • Amp: Linear - 8mm
  • Frequency: 4-40Hz
  • Triple motor
  • Oscillation
  • Pulsation
  • Lateral
  • 4D movement

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