LifePro PowerFlow Plus Adjustable Dumbbell

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PowerFlow Plus Adjustable Dumbbell by LifePro

  • ADJUSTABLE 25 LB DUMBBELL: Our compact, adjustable dumbbell is cleverly engineered to save space, with a built-in adjustment system that makes it easy to switch between weights and a sleek, textured steel handle that looks as good as it feels.
  • EASY TO ADJUST: Ingenious design makes it simple and straightforward to add or remove adjustable weights. Just move the slider while the dumbbells are on the rack to automatically increase or decrease weight. The weight plates lock while in use for safety.
  • HOME WEIGHT LIFTING: Up your home fitness game with home gym workout weights that shape and tone your muscles and improve your core fitness. Strengthen joints, improve athletic performance, boost your metabolism and get that confident glow.
  • COMPACT STORAGE: Short on storage space? Our adjustable metal dumbbell set includes 5 weight sizes in each dumbbell, so you get the equivalent of 5 dumbbells. Easy to store and move around, this lightweight dumbbell is great for beginners.

Customer Reviews

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Does the job

These work well. The only thing is I do worry sometimes about holding the weights in a way that would have the gear-shift mechanism not facing upwards, which is kind of limiting. I worry about the locking mechanism failing in those instances, as once I had it not in the exact right place and a weight fell off when I rotated it to the side.

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