First Degree Fitness Evolution E850 Club UBE

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 Evolution E850 Club UBE by First Degree Fitness

The FluidExercise E850 Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) is a high quality, heavy duty, very versatile bi-directional arm cycle for both standing or seated use.

The E850 has a fixed arm length and self-leveling ergo handles to ensure instant adaptability. The grip can be adjusted from vertical to horizontal, or palms facing toward you or away to target your biceps, triceps, back or shoulders.

The seat can be adjusted at the turn of a lever and moved to the rear of the platform or removed completely for standing usage.

Offering 10 levels of Fluid Resistance, the E850 UBE boasts FDF’s patented Adjustable Fluid Resistance, offering reversible forward or backward cycling for total muscle engagement. The resistance is silky smooth at any RPM so you can choose a pace that works for you completely independent of the resistance setting. The resistance can be changed quickly and easily from “feather light” to “Olympic challenge”. You can even change resistance and direction on the fly.

The E850 seat can be removed completely for standing access or use of a fitness ball.  And the E850 has the ability to adjust the seat position and arm crank height to fit most users body size.

Designed for compound exercise of the upper body and core stability in standing mode the E850 upper body ergo can be used for a wide variety of training and rehab applications: cardio, core and shoulder exercise.

The E850 has the added advantage that it does not require an eternal power supply so it can be installed on any flat surface in your home. It will be an excellent choice for your home gym.



First Degree Fitness (FDF) recreational home gym rowing equipment allows you to bring your outdoor rowing passion indoors. Small and compact, our Fluid Resistance rowing machines are the perfect addition to any home gym. We cater to all fitness levels and ages with selectable fluid resistance.

Our popular home rowing equipment is designed to enhance the aesthetics of any room. Your home rower will become a popular talking point, and provide motivation to workout. Our solid American Oak and steel framed water rowing machines are best sellers in the global home fitness category.




With minimal impact to the joints, FDF’s in-home rowers and upper body ergs offer a safe rehab solution for staying active and building strength conveniently at home. FDF’s diverse FluidRower resistance rowers and upper body ergs offer the flexibility to engage in rowing-based exercise or arm cycling exercise at home targeting different muscle groups and with varying degrees of resistance.

We also offer rowing  accessories for lumbar support and elevated home rowing machine heights ensuring superior comfort.

Our home rowing machines and upper body ergs are perfect for the well conditioned athlete, the beginner, people in rehab or seniors.  We offer a comfortable low impact exercise ranging from low intensity to high intensity, and low resistance to high resistance with the potential to build stamina, stimulate bone growth and build bone mineral density.


Features of the Evolution E850 Club


  • 10 levels of patented Adjustable Resistance.
  • High visibility yellow adjustment knobs and levers.
  • Operates in both forward and reverse directions for complete muscle engagement.


  • Interactive Performance Monitor (IPM) with USB port: The IPM displays: time; speed; distance; stroke rate; calories per hour; watts; level, pacer, and has a heart rate receiver built in.
  • The IPM gives you quick start, manual programs, interval training, USB port allows interactive programming.


  •  Bluetooth Connectivity
  •  Auto start
  •  Time - Elapsed time
  •  Level - Auto to selected resistance level
  •  Watt - Unit of power + RPM – Revolutions per minute
  •  Power Graphs - 2 Options
  •  Heart rate – Polar compatible. Built in.
  •  Calories burned per hour


  • Wide foot supports ensure a solid platform for any size user to maintain total stability during exercise.


  • Seated, or standing position. Standing position allows you to workout your core as you workout your upper body.
  • Seat is movable, with user in places, to allow correct exercise position and easy access to and egress from the machine.
  • Seat can be removed to facilitate full access onto the standing platform.
  • Contoured ‘soft-touch’ seat with lumbar support.


  • Self-leveling, comfortable ergonomic hand grips reduce wrist torque.
  • Main Arm adjusts from horizontal to vertical with internal gas-assist mechanism. Grip can be adjusted from vertical to horizontal to target your biceps, triceps, back or shoulders.




Max User Weight: 150kg (330lbs)

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