First Degree Fitness E650 Arm Cycle UBE

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E650 Arm Cycle UBE by First Degree Fitness

The E650 Arm Cycle, Standing Upper Body Ergometer is a high quality, commercial grade, Arm Cycle designed to withstand the loads of high intensity powerful workouts for athletes or provide low intensity workouts with silky smooth resistance suitable for beginners, or for warm ups, cool downs, or rehabilitation. Designed to target strength, endurance, intensity, agility, stability, flexibility and balance the E650 Arm Cycle can be operated while standing in a variety of positions or from a wheelchair!

The E650 resistance is set via our patented 10x Adjustable Fluid Resistance Twin Tank system and the RPM is driven by you. The Arm Cycle is capable of handling the ballistic speeds of a HIIT workout and yet will remain smooth and consistent at very low RPM.

This wide variation in load and speed capabilities allows you to train effectively to any workout program. The ground based E650 Arm Cycle movement involves long kinetic chains engaging many muscles from the ground up. Your core is activated to support your entire shoulder girdle when engaged in the arm cycle motion. The E650 provides load in either direction. Changing direction alters the emphasis on the muscles engaged, adding even more variety to your training.

With built-in wheels it is easy to move. And It is compact, taking up only a little over 11 square feet.

The E650 is a perfect inclusion for any type of home gym.  It can add variety to all types of training, and is a perfect warm up tool with a focus on the core and upper body.



First Degree Fitness (FDF) recreational home gym rowing equipment allows you to bring your outdoor rowing passion indoors. Small and compact, our Fluid Resistance rowing machines are the perfect addition to any home gym. We cater to all fitness levels and ages with selectable fluid resistance.

Our popular home rowing equipment is designed to enhance the aesthetics of any room. Your home rower will become a popular talking point, and provide motivation to workout. Our solid American Oak and steel framed water rowing machines are best sellers in the global home fitness category.



With minimal impact to the joints, FDF’s in-home rowers and upper body ergs offer a safe rehab solution for staying active and building strength conveniently at home. FDF’s diverse Fluid Rower resistance rowers and upper body ergs offer the flexibility to engage in rowing-based exercise or arm cycling exercise at home targeting different muscle groups and with varying degrees of resistance.

We also offer rowing  accessories for lumbar support and elevated home rowing machine heights ensuring superior comfort.

Our home rowing machines and upper body ergs are perfect for the well conditioned athlete, the beginner, people in rehab or seniors.  We offer a comfortable low impact exercise ranging from low intensity to high intensity, and low resistance to high resistance with the potential to build stamina, stimulate bone growth and build bone mineral density.


Features of E650 Arm Cycle


  • 10 levels of patented Variable Fluid Resistance to sustain any challenge
  • Stainless steel marine grade impeller blades housed in a tough polycarbonate tank deliver unprecedented resistance levels and a sensory workout experience to sustain your interest
  • Bi-directional (clockwise or counter clockwise) movement for complete muscle engagement



  • Multi-level computer on an adjustable arm
  • Quick start feature and interval training options



  • Wide foot supports maintain total stability and enable wheelchair access



  • Self-leveling, comfortable, rotating, ergonomic hand grips reduce wrist torque



  • Environmentally friendly, rust proof e-coating to complete frame
  • Step on design for instant access Great for rehab patients



  • Fixed crank arm length design for maximum comfort and dependability
  • Built to withstand heavy usage in the toughest environments – perfect for CrossFit



  • Bluetooth Connectivity +
  • Auto start +
  • Time - Elapsed time +
  • Level - Auto to selected resistance level +
  • Watt - Unit of power +
  • RPM – Revolutions per minute +
  • Power Graphs - 2 Options +
  • Heart rate – Polar compatible +
  • Calories burned per hour



  • Compact footprint: 1940mm x 1350mm(76.38 x 53.15”)
  • Upright Storage: 1348mm x 750mm(53.07 x 29.53”)
  • Product Size: L 1340mm(52.76”) x W 750mm (29.53”) x H 1348mm (53.07”)
  • Max User Weight: 150kg (330lbs)

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