Do Vibration Exercise Plates Burn Belly Fat?

For many, weight loss is the ultimate goal of their fitness journey. From outdoor walks to intense cycling sessions and hours lifting weights, there are plenty of avenues of physical activity that aid with visceral fat elimination.

These days, experts are focusing on vibration exercise plates—a recent addition to weight loss tactics—and their effects on the human body. But do vibration exercise plates burn belly fat? Continue reading below to learn more!

Benefits of Whole-Body Vibration

Whole-body vibration provides multiple advantages to your overall health that can benefit you for years to come. Experts say that 15 minutes on a vibration plate machine can improve flexibility, reduce muscle soreness, enhance blood flow, and decrease cortisol in the body.

When performed correctly, vibration can also help reduce back pain, reduce bone loss, and improve balance in older adults.

How Vibration Plates Promote Weight Loss

While studies realizing their potential are relatively recent, vibration plates have been around for quite some time! Apart from its numerous advantages, this type of equipment can aid weight loss by different mechanisms.

Standing on a vibration plate exercise machine for 15 to 20 minutes produces movement that passes through the body, speeding its metabolism and increasing fat-burning rates. This rate can benefit visceral fat loss around the abdominal area, increasing your muscle tissue anabolism.

How To Use Vibration Plates Properly

While there are plenty of methods and techniques to try when on vibration plates, it helps to learn the basic form before moving to advanced movements. Start by standing on the plate with your legs positioned at a shoulder-width distance.

The vibrations may take some getting used to; however, remember to engage your core to promote balance and stability. After you master this step, you can perform lunges, squats, and pushups to increase the workout intensity.

For many struggling with weight loss in their fitness journeys, knowing that vibration exercise plates can burn belly fat brings hope to an uncertain situation. When combined with adequate nutrition, activity on these innovative pieces of equipment can propel your progress for the better, getting you out of progress plateaus and providing positive results.