What Type of Rowing Machine Is Best for Home Use?

Rowing machines provide a full-body workout. They not only help you strengthen your muscles, but also improve your cardio workouts as well. When you design your home gym, you’ll find that there are plenty of rowing machines out there. To purchase durable, high-quality home rowing machines, check out our selection at Treadmill Planet. Not sure which ergometer is the right one for your home gym? Check out some of the best types of rowing machines for home use.

Rowing Machines

When you search for rowing machines, you’ll notice that there are a lot of options to choose from. However, all rowing machines provide similar benefits for your body, they just use different methods to help you achieve your fitness goals. As we discuss the best of rowing machines for home gyms, it’s important to remember that one rowing machine is not better than others; they simply have different features. With that, read on and learn about the types of rowing machines we offer at Treadmill Planet.

Multifunction Rowing Machines

Multifunction rowing machines allow you to switch up your workouts, and offer multiple ways to strengthen your body. On a multifunction rowing machine, you can do traditional seated rows, standing upward rows, or standing bicep curls. This machine allows you to target upper body or receive a full-body workout. If you enjoy having multi-use machines, then you need a multifunction rower.

Upright Rowing Machines

If you want to build your leg muscles without putting stress on your joints, add an upright rowing machine to your home gym. Upright rowers strengthen your lower body, upper body, and core while reducing strain on your joints. To use an upright rowing machine, sit on the seat and press down to squat. Then, with your hands on the handles, use your upper body to pull yourself upwards. This machine is excellent for beginner and expert fitness enthusiasts who want a low-impact, full-body workout.

Magnetic Rowing Machines

Magnetic rowing machines use magnetic tension to create resistance. They usually have multiple levels of resistance, allowing you to control the intensity of your workout. These rowers operate smoothly and allow you to do a full-body and cardio workout at the same time.

Full Motion Rowing Machines

To target your core, legs, glutes, and arms, purchase a full motion rowing machine. The difference between full motion rowers and other rowing machines is their handles. Instead of traditional rowing grips, full motion rowing machines have long, solid handlebars that you use to work out. These non-slip and sturdy handles provide more efficient and controlled workouts for your body.

Elastic Cord Rowing Machines

Elastic cord rowing machines are exactly what you would think. They are sturdy yet flexible rowing machines that use elastic cords for resistance. They give your arms and upper body a wider range of motion, forcing you to control the placement of your arms and hands as you use the machine. If you are searching for a rower that provides flexibility and helps you work on muscle control, look no further.

Water Rowing Machines

Instead of cords or magnets, water rowing machines use fluids and hydro blades to create resistance. Many water rowing machines boast that fluid resistance is more consistent than other types of resistance, thus creating a smoother workout experience for the user. These types of rowers provide a full-body workout and have varying levels of difficulty. Usually, the more hydro blades a water rowing machine has, the more difficulty levels you can select for your workouts.

Air Rowing Machines

Air resistance can be incredibly powerful. Air rowing machines harness the extraordinary power of air to create varying degrees of resistance. With durable fan blades, these machines provide more resistance the faster you row. In other words, if you want less resistance, slow down your pace. For more resistance, speed up your rowing pace. It’s a simple yet effective way to receive the exact resistance you desire without interrupting your workout.

Foldable Rowing Machines

If you have a smaller home gym or simply want to save some space, buy a foldable rowing machine. These machines function just as well as stationary rowing machines, and you can easily fold and store them within a closet or in the corner of any room. Sometimes, people believe that foldable rowing machines are not as durable or will not perform as well as stationary rowers. This is not true. Foldable rowers are just as tough and durable as stationary rowing machines. They also perform just as well, and provide great workouts!

Best Rowers for Your Home

With these rowing machines in mind, it’s time to find the right one for your home. As you can see, one rower is not better than the other. Each rower has its own unique way of creating resistance for exceptional workouts. You’re probably wondering how to choose the right one for your home. There are certain features you should consider when choosing a rower for your home gym.

Type of Resistance

The first factor to consider when choosing a rowing machine is the type of resistance. Air, water, cord, and magnetic are some of the most common types of resistance for rowing machines. You’ll find a variety of rowers with these resistance types at Treadmill Planet.


Size is another feature of rowers that you should take into consideration. If you need to save some space, foldable rowers are perfect choices for your home gym. However, if you have plenty of room to spare and prefer a large rower, you’ll find plenty of stationary models on our website as well.

Helpful Features

Finally, rowers often have additional features, such as comfortable grips, heart rate monitors, performance monitors, and cushioned seats. These features make your workouts easier and more comfortable. There are plenty of other helpful features that rowers offer, so be sure to look at the machine descriptions before purchasing!

And that’s all there is to it! As you browse for your new rower on our Treadmill Planet website, keep this information in mind. Soon, you’ll have your very own rowing machine in your home gym to help you achieve your fitness goals.

What Type of Rowing Machine Is Best for Home Use?