Things To Consider When Buying a New Treadmill

As one of the most popular home exercise machines, treadmills are a worthy investment in your fitness journey. By presenting multiple benefits—including unlimited access, space efficiency, and multi-functionality—treadmills offer a push towards commitment to ensure you reach your fitness goals.

However, it’s easy to run into some challenges when acquiring one. For example, while you’re able to fold most treadmills, you may not have space available to store the equipment while not in use. Plenty of factors can make or break your intentions in buying a treadmill.

In this article, you learn several things to consider when buying a new treadmill and how it can impact machine usage.


Space is a significant factor to consider when deciding to incorporate a treadmill into your workout zone. Even folding treadmills can take up room, so it helps to assess the space you currently have to ensure you can store equipment safely and avoid injury.

Many treadmills aren’t the easiest machines to move, so take your time making a final placement decision. You’ll also want to remember to keep equipment away from pets and children to further encourage safety.


As one of the first elements people consider before buying a treadmill, a machine’s cost typically varies among brand, size, and features. Usually, you’ll notice equipment at a starting price of $500; however, some models can reach $3,000 or more.

The good news is that you can purchase equipment according to your budget and activity habits. If you don’t plan to use the machine often, acquiring a treadmill with basic functionality may be the best choice.


Many people tend to forget that treadmills come in two variations: manual and automatic. The features often refer to the incline element included in most treadmills. While manual equipment is generally less expensive than motorized alternatives, it can introduce a challenging learning curve.

On the other hand, auto-incline treadmills wouldn’t rely on you interrupting your activity to adjust incline levels, making it an efficient machine option.

Sure, there are a few things to consider when buying a treadmill! However, it helps to first think about how you intend to use it and incorporate it into your current routine. Once you do, don’t hesitate in selecting one of our machines on our webpage.

Whether you’re looking for a slim folding treadmill to save space or an auto-incline option, there’s a machine waiting for you at Treadmill Planet!