The Best Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

Having a home gym or workout space at home is a growing trend. All you need to set up your area is the essential equipment, several mats, and a determined mindset. However, if you don't have enough space for an elaborate setup, your gym equipment can be inconvenient.

Check out the best exercise equipment for small spaces to help set up an area aligned with your goals.


Most treadmills are significant purchases, and while traditional models are perfect for quick runs, foldable alternatives have the same functionality with added benefits. If you're working with limited space, a foldable treadmill can convert to a smaller size, making it easier to store and clean.

At the same time, consider a quality design with supported stability to ensure the machine will last through years of use.


Many still believe you need a full bench setup to get a strong back and chest. However, a bench rack, complete with a barbell and plates, can take up considerable space.

Fortunately, rowing machines come in compact, efficient, and affordable models. A quick 20 minutes on the ergometer strengthens your back while simultaneously engaging your pectoral muscles. On top of that, you can feel the burn in your core and quads, too!

Vibration Plates

Vibration exercise plates are fitness training instruments that stimulate muscles to promote weight loss. Training with vibration plates can also raise metabolism and improve immune function. Like most of the equipment featured on this list, vibration plates come in various designs. They are often compact and portable for small spaces and on-the-go workouts.

While typically used in yoga and Pilates classes, these machines are available for purchase on our website at Treadmill Planet.


If a workout space doesn’t have a treadmill, there’s a chance you’ll find an elliptical in its place. Like a treadmill, ellipticals offer a total body burn in a small amount of time; however, the motion required during exercise puts less stress on your joints.

When setting up a smaller workout area, place your elliptical machine in the corner of your space, and you're ready for your first session!

Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes are a fantastic alternative to ellipticals and treadmills since they also help build lower body strength. Additionally, these machines engage your core, back, and glutes without the need for a robust squat rack setup.

If you purchase a folding model, you can store it in a nearby closet when it’s not in use.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are flexible, elastic bands used for strength training. While their intensity during use may equate to a squat or deadlift with a traditional barbell, these alternatives promote the same muscle movements.

Resistance bands are also helpful for stretching, mobility, and rehabilitation. Bands are quintessential equipment since they are lightweight and take up minimal space.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells can be the answer to small space inconveniences. This equipment typically comes in a rack no larger than 15 inches wide. The weights sit on the frames with the bar attached, so there's no need to worry about weights flying everywhere.

The best equipment for small spaces are those best suited for your lifestyle. Fortunately, Treadmill Planet is an online retailer with your fitness goals in mind. We carry unique brands and products to help you design the workout space of your dreams.