Rowing Machines for Weight Loss: Burn Calories & Feel Great

Physical fitness is crucial to keep you moving and promote healthy blood flow. However, finding a machine that you enjoy working out on can be challenging, especially if you’ve tried them all.

Fortunately, exercise comes in various forms, and while you took a chance on treadmills, ellipticals, and even strength training, you’re ready for something new! Using rowing machines for weight loss is a fantastic alternative that helps you burn calories and feel great, but how do you use the equipment? Read on to learn more!

Steady State

In cardio training, working out in a steady state means maintaining a stable pace and intensity for a specific amount of time. Warming up for five minutes promotes blood flow and raises your heart rate to adjust to the upcoming movement. Once you establish a comfortable pace, remember to maintain it for at least 20 minutes before performing your cooldown.

HIIT Workout

When training in intervals, you’ll mix periods of high-intensity and low-intensity work. The fluctuation in heart rate is an effective way to improve cardiovascular fitness while increasing your caloric burn and promoting weight loss. HIIT workouts on a rowing machine typically follow a structure that consists of 30 seconds of slow rowing, followed by 30 seconds of faster movement. You would repeat this 20 times.

End-of-Workout Burn

Ending a strength training session with 10 minutes on a rowing machine is a fantastic way to build muscle and work on cardiovascular fitness. After completing your final set of bicep curls, reverse lunges, or deadlifts, consider rowing for a short period so you can achieve a full-body burn.

You can expect to burn calories and feel great when using rowing machines for weight loss. When paired with a heart rate program and a healthy caloric intake, you can maintain optimal levels during your workouts to promote safety while crushing your goals.

The best part of this machine is its versatility; while most common in fitness centers nationwide, a rower is a staple in a home gym. When searching for the perfect home gym rowing machine for your home, consider browsing our selection at Treadmill Planet!