How to Get Started With Treadmill Walking For Weight Loss

If you have been thinking about losing weight or getting in shape for a long time but haven’t found a way to get started, this article may change your mind.

We all know it’s important to exercise. But some of us struggle to find the time to get to the gym. You know the type – the ones who are too busy to think about exercising. They’d rather catch up on email or browse Pinterest. Or maybe they’re always on the phone and can never find the time to step away from their computer.

It’s no wonder study says that fewer than 1 in 4 American adults get enough exercise according to CDC. But it doesn’t have to be this way. While the science of exercise is in flux, we know that the more time spent walking increases metabolism, lowers stress levels, increases oxygen intake, boosts mood, and improves overall health. It’s a win-win.

However, if you’re not already a regular exerciser, getting started can seem daunting. Don’t worry. As your fitness level increases, so will your enjoyment of the activity. 


How to Begin Walking on a Treadmill in Simple Steps

Set a goal and stick to it

set goal

If you're looking to lose weight, make sure you don't just set an arbitrary number for weight loss. Start with your desired starting weight and set a smaller number that you would like to reach. 

When you begin working towards your goals, it can be helpful to set realistic milestones that you can track along the way.


Find the Right Treadmill that is appropriate for your weight and fitness level

treadmill choices

Treadmills come in many shapes and sizes, from small, lightweight equipment for those looking to begin a new fitness regime, to large, heavy-duty models for serious runners.

To make sure you get the right exercise machine for your specific goals, try to imagine yourself using it every day. What are your fitness goals? What kind of speed do you want to be able to sustain for 30 minutes?  Is this a serious running workout or a casual jog? How long are you comfortable spending on it? Most importantly, what features and maximum weight capacity are you looking for in your treadmill?

These are all questions that should help guide you when shopping for a treadmill.


Clear a space at home to store it

space for treadmill at home

To get off the couch and start exercising, you need to have a dedicated space. Having that room free of clutter and distractions makes it easy to get started.


Create a schedule

creating workout schedule

For those who lead busy lives, scheduling and tracking your time can help you improve your effectiveness. It’s not easy to stick to an exercise regimen, but you can make things easier on yourself if you create a schedule.

Creating a schedule will ensure you get up and out of bed each morning and workout regularly. It also keeps your days structured.


Wear comfortable shoes

right shoes for walking

Walking isn’t just about getting in shape. It’s a fun way to lose weight and get in shape while having a blast. If you want to keep going on a treadmill, you need to be sure you have the right footwear.

Walking shoes are meant to provide cushioning for your feet while you're on the move. Within minutes of stepping, your feet will get sore and uncomfortable without them.


Warm-Up Before Starting to Walk

warm up before walking

A good warm up before you start will help you avoid injuries. Warm up by stretching. Start with simple stretches for the major muscle groups. 

A good warm-up is critical because it prepares our muscles for the strenuous movement that walking requires of them. It's a technique of preparing our muscles for the hit.

During the warm-up, we’ll focus on making sure our muscles are loosened up, limber and ready for activity. We’ll also increase our heart rate, breathing rate, and muscle temperature.


Start Slow, Walk at a Slow, Steady Pace

start slow in treadmill walking

An important part of any fitness regime is to begin slowly. Starting softly and gradually increasing your speed is essential.

This will ensures that the proper muscles are activated and that you don't overdo it. In fact, studies show that walking for up to 20 minutes per day can burn anywhere from 250 to 300 calories (depending on your activity level).

But if you're new to this, start out with 10 minute walks and add additional time until you feel comfortable with the amount of time you have.


Take breaks if you need to and feel comfortable doing so

take a break

Your body needs breaks, too. During workout, your body releases stress hormones and increases your heart rate, but if you don’t rest, your muscles can begin to break down and your muscles can become sore, tired, and injured.

Taking short breaks will allow your muscles to recover. A break of any length will help to prevent muscle fatigue.


Have Fun!

having fun during workout

It may seem silly to have fun during your treadmill workout. But, it’s an important part of the program. It’s good to keep a smile on your face while doing your workouts.

You will be getting the heart rate up, so it’s good to keep your mind off of it. You can play music, talk on the phone, or simply watch a movie.

I’ve found that many people get more motivated if they have some form of entertainment to look forward to during their workouts.


Stretch After Walking

stretching after walking

Stretching after a workout is important in preventing muscle soreness and stiffness. But stretching isn't just important for when you work out; it should also be done after any strenuous activity, such as cleaning the house, moving boxes, or lifting something heavy. Stretching can improve flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.


In conclusion, there are many ways to lose weight, but what is the best and fastest way to lose weight?

Walking on a treadmill is the best technique to lose weight rapidly. A tried-and-true technique for shedding pounds and keeping your heart in tip-top shape while you stroll.

This can be a fun and very effective way to lose weight and improve your overall health. You don’t need to spend hours running, spinning, or even jogging in order to get in shape. It is a great way to shed those extra pounds and start feeling better about yourself. In addition, it does not require an organized program and can be done almost anywhere at any time.  

So, what are you waiting for? Start today for an improved lifestyle!