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You have to have the proper exercise routines in order to keep fit and healthy. There are tons of benefits that you can get by doing compound exercises.

In the article we will discuss about the benefits of compound exercises in detail, and share the best compound exercise routines for beginners.

What is a Compound Exercise?

The compound exercises are movements that involve several different muscles groups. These include both the upper and lower body. Compound exercises are used to build muscle and improve one's flexibility and balance. They are usually performed with weights or other weight-bearing equipment. There are four types of compound exercises: Push Ups, Squats, Lunges, and Split Squat.

Benefits of Compound Exercises

This type of exercise will help you to develop a full-body workout that will provide many benefits to your health and fitness. Compound exercises are useful for improving your flexibility, balance, and strength. Some of the reasons why compound exercises are useful are: They increase the amount of muscle mass you have. This will make you look more fit. You will also be able to maintain a healthier weight. You will also improve your posture. This is helpful for preventing back problems. In addition to helping your posture, compound exercises will improve your coordination. You can perform compound exercises in a variety of ways.

Compound Exercise Routine for Beginners

Push Ups

The push up is a basic compound exercise. It is one of the most basic exercises you can do. The push up works out your whole body. It includes the triceps, chest, shoulders, biceps, and forearms. It also strengthens your legs and core. In fact, you can do a lot of things with the push up. You can do them while standing, sitting, lying down, or even while moving. It doesn't matter how you do the push ups as long as you perform them correctly.


A lunge is a compound exercise that involves several different muscles groups. The exercise is commonly used by athletes. It strengthens the muscles in the front of the thighs and the buttocks. It is a very effective exercise for beginners and people who are just beginning to work out. It can be done with just your body weight. However, it is easier to do the exercise using a dumbbell. In addition, it is possible to perform the exercise while wearing a weight belt. For example, if you are going to do lunges, you can put a 5 pound weight belt around your waist and hold a dumbbell in your hand.


A squat is a type of exercise that works on the thigh and the buttocks. It can be used to strengthen these muscles. Squats are also one of the best exercises to develop the upper body muscles. They are helpful for beginners because they don't require a large amount of effort and time. Squats are not a very difficult exercise. They can be done with minimal preparation. They don't require a lot of space either. In fact, squats are commonly done in the home or in the office. They can be done by standing, sitting, lying down, kneeling, and even while lying flat on the floor. You can perform squats by holding a weight in each hand. Or you can simply use your body weight.

Split Squat

One of the basic compound exercises is the split squat. This exercise involves lowering yourself down to a knee-bending position and then pushing yourself back up. It is very similar to a pushup. The difference is that you only bend your knees during the push-up, while you bend both your knees and your hips during the split squat. You should perform the split squat in order to strengthen your legs and your core. This will make you stronger. You should be able to perform a split squat without any difficulty. Once you can, try to increase the number of repetitions you do. It is a good idea to perform the split squat in a slow manner. You can also perform it with weights.


These workout routines can easily be done in the comfort of your own home. It’s also perfect for beginners because it requires no fitness equipment or fancy machines. If you want to improve your muscle strength, you should try performing compound exercises.