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We all love having a flat stomach. But, unfortunately, many of us tend to gain fat around our belly. This is because the belly is where we store fat. When this happens, the fat tends to form a thick layer around our abdomen, which makes our stomach appear bigger and heavier.

There are several reasons why we tend to gain this fat around our bellies. We might be genetically predisposed to gain fat around the belly. Or it might be due to unhealthy eating habits.

So, what can we do to stop this from happening? Well, there is some good news. In this article, we are going to explore the best cardio exercises for burning belly fat.

Types of Belly Fat

There are two types of belly fat: subcutaneous and visceral.

Subcutaneous fat

It is the most common type of belly fat. It is a layer of fat that sits just underneath your skin. This type of fat is relatively easy to get rid of, and will melt away naturally after you lose weight.

Visceral belly fat

This type is more dangerous than subcutaneous fat, as it will be more difficult to lose. Visceral fat increases your risk for developing diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. When you have excess visceral fat, your belly bulges outward in a pear-shaped figure. Visceral belly fat is stored in the abdominal cavity that surrounds your internal organs.

What Causes Excessive Belly Fat?

There are several factors that can lead to fat accumulation in the abdominal area. Some of these factors include genetics, poor eating habits, and lack of physical activity. The common culprit of all these problems is an unhealthy lifestyle. Some people tend to eat too much and consume more calories than they need on a daily basis. They also fail to get enough sleep or exercise regularly. As a result, they put themselves at a higher risk of obesity, which in turn leads to excess fat accumulation around their belly.

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat?

There are many different ways to slim down your belly. The best way is to start a regular exercise routine and increase your daily activity levels. So, if you're looking for ways to lose belly fat fast, you'll want to start with your workout routine.

Here are some of the most effective cardio exercises that will help you get rid of belly fat.



Simply walking is one of the easiest and most effective exercises that you can do. It's low-impact and it doesn't require any special equipment. It's a great way to burn calories and tone your abs.



While running is a great option for weight loss, it is also one of the best ways to work out your entire body. This allows you to burn calories while working on multiple muscle groups and strengthens your heart and lungs all at once. Plus, you'll tone up and tighten your entire midsection. Running can be done almost anywhere so there's no excuse not to get started.



Cardio exercises, such as swimming, can be used to tone and burn a multitude of areas, including the stomach. This type of cardio offers many health benefits because it strengthens your heart, lungs and muscles.



If you’re looking to shed belly fat and improve your cardio endurance, then consider rowing. This is a highly efficient cardiovascular exercise. It uses all of your major muscle groups, but particularly your arms and back, which help stabilize your core. You can do this using a rowing machine or a cross trainer. Rowing is also very good for toning your muscles, building strength, and improving cardiovascular fitness.


Burpee is a core exercise used in a wide range of fitness activities. A burpee involves squatting to lower your body down, jumping up, and repeating this movement until you reach a certain number of repetitions. Because they involve all of your major muscle groups, burpees are a great workout that burns fat fast.


One of the best cardio exercises for burning belly fat is the squat. You can perform this exercise in the comfort of your own home or even at your workplace. But the key to performing this exercise safely is to perform it slowly. Start by lowering your body weight to the floor, then raise yourself back up again and repeat this process.

Jump squats

A jump squat is a plyometric exercise (a jump-training activity) that combines a standard squat with a jumping motion. Jump squats are bodyweight exercises distinguished by a straight upward leap at the apex of the motion.


Push-ups are great for increasing abdominal strength, particularly for those who suffer from back pain or knee problems. Push-ups are one of the most basic push-up exercises, and anyone can do them. While push-ups are simple, they are also effective in reducing belly fat and building a strong core.


If you want to make a real difference in your belly fat, you have to lose weight overall. If you’re carrying around excess fat, you need to do what it takes to get rid of it. That means a balanced diet, healthy eating habits and regular exercise are all key. And while you might not be able to spot a six-pack on your belly, getting the right kind of abs will make you look better from the outside and improve your health.

Get into the habit of doing cardio every single day!