5 Common Misconceptions About Running on a Treadmill

A treadmill is one of the most popular pieces of equipment people often buy for home use. These excellent, powerful machines have an unmatched accessibility since they allow individuals to work out on their time and according to the preferences.

However, a cloud of disapproval looms over these machines, as some running enthusiasts express their disdain for running on a treadmill. Often this disapproval is based on rumors that make potential treadmill runners question a its effectiveness; however, we’re determined to clear the air.

Here are five common misconceptions about running on a treadmill and their actual truths!

Speeds on a Treadmill Are Exactly the Same as Outside

Surprisingly, this is false! You’ll always run at a faster pace on a treadmill than you would running outside.

There are different factors that affect your run: uneven surfaces, approaching traffic, and elevation, which predominately affects your speed. Also, you may run slower on a trail when you’re concentrating on potential hazardous elements around you.

You Should Run on a Treadmill Before Strength Training

This misconception can be a reality depending on the circumstances. It’s common for lifting enthusiasts to jog for 10 minutes prior to a strength training session. However, if your goal is to gain strength, this would work against you.

By running prior to squatting, you activate those lower body major groups, expending energy when you want to redirect to help perform compound movements. Running on a treadmill before your core workout can cause you to fatigue faster.

You Won’t Burn as Many Calories Running on a Treadmill

While it’s true that treadmills shield you from having to push against strong winds and encountering obstacles that can throw you off course, they also enable you to adjust your speed and incline for interval purposes, so you can burn just as many calories running on a treadmill as you would running outdoors.

It’s Okay To Hold Onto Safety Bars During Running

The treadmill’s arms are in place to help stabilize you in the event of a stumble. These safety devices aren’t typical used as support when actively running. By leaning on the arms during your session, you risk negatively impacting your running mechanics and causing an injury.

You’ll Never See a Serious Runner Using a Treadmill

Not only is this myth discouraging to beginners, but it separates the community by holding “serious runners” on a pedestal of grandeur. In truth, as long as you’re running, you are part of the running community, regardless of where you choose to perform the activity.

You’ll notice athletes, ultramarathon enthusiasts, and casual joggers use treadmills for indoor running, and they all experience the same benefit!

While there are misconceptions about treadmill running, these machines remain a permanent fixture in home gyms and commercial facilities worldwide. Their portability and advantages speak for themselves, making them a must-have in your workout zone.

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